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5 great DIY ideas with tin cans
Waste Waste Recycling

The tin can. In 1810 invented by Englishman Peter Durand and since then one of the most important packaging products that is taking for granted in our daily lives. They are used as packaging to store everything: fruit drink, soup, hairpin and car wash. However, the possibilities for reuse are numerous. Read 5 DIY tips on how to reuse the cans instead of throwing them away.

1.     Pin Cushion Storage

Pins can get lost so easily. Creating a pin cusion is ideal. Just need some fabric, poly-fil and some glue. 

 Pin cushion

2.     Store & Grow Herbs In One Place

Whether it’s basil, parsley, cilantro, or another herb, you can store them all in one place. 

Plants in tin cans

3.     Storage Solution For The Office And Kitchen

Mod Podge can be used to stick pages of a cookbook or scrapbook onto your storage cans for a very unique look! You can use these storage cans for the office, in the kitchen, or wherever else you need some organization. Even putting fresh flowers in these cans works wonderfully.

storage tin cans

4.     Tin Can Caddy

Paint all your cans along with a flat wood plank. Then attach the cans to the flat wood plank making sure that each can stands upright. Add a leather strap to the top to make it easy to carry!

storage tin cans

5.     Hanging Storage

Attach an S-hook to a tin can by drilling hole. Then conveniently hang the can on a rod. This will keep your desk area clutter-free.

hanging storage