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Travel #sustainable! 10 Easy tips to go green on holliday

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by: Moon Apple
travel  sustainable  10 easy tips to go green on holliday

#Sustainable travel. Easy tips to make the world a little better.

Since my visit to Sumatra I really realize what an impact we as people have on nature and the world around us, especially when traveling. In this section I discuss an aspect of sustainable travel every month and I highlight green and inspiring initiatives in the field of tourism. This time: 10 easy tips to go green on a trip.

The first steps to a sustainable travel style

A green lifestyle is often seen as difficult and expensive. Organic products cost more money than regular foods, and waste-free life requires a certain dedication. But does that also apply to green travel? Yes, it costs money to compensate your air travel and it is always a search for a hotel run by locals. Yet it does not have to be difficult to adopt a sustainable travel style, and you can even make the world a little better with a small budget.

With the summer season approaching, I have put 10 easy tips for a greener travel style at a glance. They cost little money and little effort, but are a good step towards a green travel style and a better world.
Monkeys sitting on the ground next to tree trunks

1. Pull all plugs out of their sockets at home when leaving

Thinking green can be so simple ... Your house is full of electrical appliances that use power and energy during your absence. That is not only bad for the environment, but also for your wallet. Check this just before departure and pull out as many plugs as possible. In any case, of all devices that have a light on or the digital time is displayed, such as your television, alarm clock and the oven.

2. Use a digital boarding pass

By making optimal use of modern techniques you can save a lot of paper. For example, use a digital boarding pass or download the app from your airline company. You can also easily manage hotel reservations via your phone, for example with the Wallet for iPhone app. No more hassle with printers and packs of paper, but everything at hand via your smartphone. Check the conditions of your airline. There are of course also comparable apps for Android phones.

3. Eat vegetarian in the airplane

Meat is bad for the planet, and ideally we are all vegetarian. I do not see that happening that fast, but decreasing is already a step in the right direction. Choose, for example, to only eat really tasty meat, for example in a good restaurant or from an organic butcher.
One of the places where you can certainly leave your meat is on the plane. These meals are not exactly gourmet delights, so a good reason to choose a meatless meal here. Please indicate your preference for a meal during the booking process. An additional advantage: you get your food first.
arm holding blue waterbottle in green environment

4. Use as less plastic as possible

Limit the use of plastic. Particularly in the poorer countries plastic often ends up in nature or is burned along the roadside. It is certainly not good for nature at all, so try to contribute as little as possible as a tourist. Below I have put a few useful tips on a list.

- Take a shopping bag with you

- Use a LifestrawGo or other water bottle

- Use your own earplugs on the plane

- Take a blanket for yourself on the plane

5. Leave soap, pens and note blocks where they are; in your ‘hotel room’

If you sleep in a luxury hotel, you can collect quite a few goodies. Care products, but also slippers, pens and note blocks: leave it as much as possible in the packaging and in the hotel, because it costs a lot of raw materials to make and transport everything. Have you used anything from the care products? Take the bottles home at the end of your stay, because half-empty bottles are often thrown away.
brown soap bottles with white label on display

6. Don’t take every day a clean towel

Try to do a little longer with your towel in the hotel, because you can quickly fill a washing machine with the towels from one hotel room. In some hotels the reuse of a towel is happily encouraged and you even get a nice counterpart. For example, at the Qbic Hotel in London, I received a £ 5 voucher every day if my room was not cleaned that day. Another tip for the hotel: go in the shower instead of in the bath. And do not use the laundry at a large hotel, because often every garment is washed separately. It is also often cheaper to hand over your laundry at a local launderette.
Lighthouse Bicycle tours Vietnam, Hans van der Broek, people standing in a agricultural area at a ditch

7. Rent a bicycle instead of a scooter

A scooter gives you the ultimate freedom on vacation, because you can drive to remote villages and beaches on your own. But a scooter is also pretty polluting and the noise can deter and drive away wild animals. Therefore, change the scooter for a bike and explore the area on your own. Is your holiday destination hilly and do you have to cover long distances? Then consider an e-bike or an electric scooter.
Clean Sweep organised by Green Apple Hoi An, Vietnam

8. Take some litter with you

Are you going for a walk in a nature reserve? Kayaking? Snorkeling? Take the litter that is in nature and throw it away in the right way. Collect plastic bottles that people have carelessly thrown into the sea or a piece of the beach. You do not have to pick up the whole afternoon, but to pick up some is a small effort.

9. Be critical on the souvenirs you buy

Do not buy souvenirs made of tropical hardwood, coral, shells or animals. For example, in Vietnam you can buy bottles of whiskey with a scorpion, snake or other animal in the bottle. So look critically at the souvenirs you want to take home.

10. Return leaflets, maps and brochures back

When traveling, you regularly get a map or brochure printed in your hands. Imagine how many boxes of paper every day have to be towed to provide all tourists with information that is also just on the internet. Therefore, say as much as possible no to all the paperwork you receive, or return it at the end of your visit. Even better: download the museum's app or make sure you have the website open on your phone.

Setting yourself a sustainable lifestyle is done in small steps and all the bits help.


Updates on environmental sustainability, every month in your mailbox!
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I'm interested in everything that has to do with sustainability. My house is solar powered and I have my own water supply and filtering system.  I grow my own vegetables and fruit. Most of the time I go on the road by bicycle and for long distances I use public transport.  
I'm interested in everything that has to do with sustainability. My house is solar powered and I have my own water supply and filtering system.  I grow my own vegetables and fruit. Most of the time I go on the road by bicycle and for long distances I use public transport.  
Updates on environmental sustainability, every month in your mailbox!
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More like this: Moon Apple
Get updates on environmental sustainability in your mailbox every month.


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