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by: Sharai Hoekema
meet the eco friendly tiny house boat

It is the perfect holiday or retirement plan for many. Waking up to the soothing feeling of waves gently rocking you, brushing your teeth to the sound of seabirds, and having your morning coffee whilst overlooking wide open bodies of water. Spending your days cruising the sea and throwing out your fishing rod. An idyllic fantasy, that all too often remains just that - a fantasy.

The costs are too high, and not only the monetary costs. Boats have a huge impact on the environment, and the footprint that they leave is significant. That is, up until now. A trend is emerging in the boating industry where sustainability and green living take center stage. Instead of focusing on luxurious and high-tech solutions, manufacturers start looking at the use of renewables and recyclables. This has led to the launch of a number of particularly interesting products; the tiny house boat. Let’s zoom in on one of those innovations.


Earlier this year, Canadian company The Daigno Group released their unique house boat concept ‘Le Koroc’. Prized as an ‘innovative, bold and refined concept’, it seeks to combine boat living with fishing excursions while providing a portable micro chalet or tiny house. The end-result is a small, yet comfortable boat with a decently sized deck and a living cabin, including a small kitchenette area and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Interior Le Koroc, table, kitchenette, #tiny house

It was built by a team of experienced fishermen, nature lovers and wood connoisseurs. This is clearly reflected in all aspects of the boat, with plenty of space for fishing amenities and add-ons, usage of high-quality and eco-friendly wood, and its sustainable production and consumption process. Or so its press release claims.


‘Le Koroc’ is a good example of the boating industry moving towards greener and ecologically friendlier ways of doing business. Materials used are obtained from sustainable resources. The boat’s light weight - about 2,500 kg - ensures that its energy consumption is limited, both on water and on the road. Transporting the vehicle will therefore not use up valuable energy sources.

Truck and trailer with Le Koroc #tinyhouse

Besides those two main ‘headlines’, there are more examples of nifty ways through which this sustainable tiny houseboat minimises its ecological footprint. For example, the water used in the shower and in the sinks first gets treated by a dedicated charcoal filtering system before being discharged. Photovoltaic panels on the boat serve to capture solar energy. The energy is stored in two batteries, one of which is used for the fridge and the other to power the LED-lighting on board. LED-lighting that, by the way, ensures lower and safer power consumption.

The stove in the kitchenette is fuelled with propane, while customers could opt for a bio-controlled litter toilet.

Although these are only some of the ways through which The Daigno Group has chosen for sustainability over profitability, it is clearly indicative of a shift towards eco-friendlier boats.


For those lucky few that can afford to buy a yacht and use it to cruise the world, sustainability has never been much of a focus point. Eco-friendly boats such as ‘Le Koroc’ are clearly trying to change this in several ways. First of all, due to its small size and simplicity, this generation of boats is very affordable, making that retirement dream mentioned in the beginning of this blog a reality.

Secondly, and more importantly, it highlights the importance of finding greener vacation and/or living accommodations. Through its use of sustainable materials, reduced energy consumption, and waste-minimising solutions a whole another target group is reached.

Floorplan le Koroc #tinyhouse

Would you still rather dream of that luxurious yacht? This is as good a time as any to remind you once again that luxury and sustainability are not necessarily a trade-off. Just look at ‘Le Koroc’, a handcrafted, personalised, complete and light tiny home-on-the-water. Perhaps you could have both.

Le Koroc #tinyhouse with terrace

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