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#Sustainable tourism. What about?
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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is about how people and nature are dealt with. Has a holiday park not been placed in a vulnerable area? Are solar panels installed? Do people from the area work in the resort? Sustainable tourism always ensures that the ecological footprint is as small as possible.

Nature tourism

Nature tourism aims to be in nature or to deal with it well. Think for example of a safari in Africa, mountaineering in the Alps or diving in the Mediterranean. But the term nature tourism does not say anything about how responsible the activities are.

Tourism as nature protection

Tourism sometimes has adverse effects on nature. But it can also be a way to protect nature. If nature tourism becomes a source of income for the local population, a broader base of support is created to cherish nature. In addition, people can earn their money with nature-friendly activities in tourism.

Think about the climate

The choice of your holiday makes a lot for the climate. A two-week sun holiday to Bali gives an emission of more than 16,000 kg of CO2 for four people. That is as much emissions as heating your home for four years.

Reduce emissions

A special tool provides insight into the CO2 emissions of transport, accommodation and activities during your holiday. With most holidays, the distance to the destination and the choice of transport determine the climate impact. Do you travel within Europe? Then a journey by train or bus is the climate friendliest choice. In distant air travel, a vacation closer to home is always better for the climate.
Do you really want to be completely climate neutral? Then opt for a cycling or walking holiday. That also saves a lot of airport or traffic jam stress. And it is a lot cheaper too.
5 Man standing on a sloop of a mountain

France, Argentiere. Photo by: Hans van der Broek

By: Duurzaamnieuws. Photo Cover by: photographer Ron D'Raine in 1995 in an image known as 'The Kiss'. Experss.Co. Uk