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The future of #cycling: #ebikes with solar powered powerwalls!
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Electric bikes

The word KVAERN means "cool ride" in Danish and by chance it is also the name of a Danish startup, who wants to make electric bikes cool. In collaboration with ebike and solar companies the startup has developed a complete off-the-grid ebike experience, including a (indeed) cool-looking electric bike and a real Tesla-like Powerwall, to charge your bike with solar energy.
man with Kvaern eBike in his hand with on the background buildings

The future of cycling

The ebike looks like a BMX bike, according to the makers, developed to fit within your individual lifestyle. It would be the most sustainable and easy ebike (almost) on the market and even the future of cycling. We will see if it is true, but at least we would not mind if everyone would drive around on a KVAERN. The bicycle can indeed adapt to your lifestyle. So he is equipped with an intelligent sensor, which adjusts the torque to how you drive.

250 watt motor and 50 km radius

The battery is clogged in the upper bar and can easily be removed for recharging. A full battery is good for about 50 km of ebike fun, but you can always choose to kick yourself. The 250 watt motor works together with the battery to take you from standstill to a speed of 25 km per hour to launch within 4.5 seconds. Furthermore, you can while driving on the small display easy to keep track of how it is with your battery , how much you have driven and how fast you are going.

Powerwall for ebikes

So far so good, but of course there are plenty of startups that have an electric bike. What makes KVAERN special is its plus package with the Powerwall-like charger for the battery. This powerpack charges your battery with solar energy, so that you are really as sustainable as possible. Of course you can also charge the battery normally, but then you just enjoy the plus experience.

Sustainable is not cheap
Unfortunately, the ebike is not there yet, but we will have to wait. You can sign up on the site to be kept up to date. With this you can also get a discount of up to 850 euros on the bike, which suggests that it will be quite pricey.
Although the KVAERN would be pretty light with its aluminum frame, ebikes are usually a bit heavier than normal bikes. This ebike, however, should bring traditional and electric bikes closer together.
By: Ilona Braam 02/03/2018 KVAERN