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Meet the #electric taxi; #Cora
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This will be the flying taxi from the Google founder

No more traffic jams, traffic lights or crowds on the road: the flying taxi is upcoming. Kitty Hawk, which Google founder Larry Page owns, unveiled the prototypes. Cora is the name that the flying taxis get.
Since last year, it has already been tested in New Zealand, but now Cora has also been presented to the general public. The 'taxi' rises like a helicopter, transports like a car and flies like a plane.
#Google, Kitty Hawk, Cora flying seen from the ground

Bringing the airport to you

In the first images of Cora twelve rotors can be seen, with which it is also possible to take off vertically. "Bringing the airport to you", the company Kitty Hawk calls it. It is therefore possible to take off and land from your backyard, the roof terrace or a parking space.
Costs of this idea have not been announced, but it makes a big difference that Larry Page is behind the project. He is one of the founders of Google and has a capital of 53.7 billion dollars. This makes it one of the fifty richest in the world.

America vs. air traffic

The company Kitty Hawk was started in California, but flight rights did not get it. That is why we had to move to New Zealand, where it could be tested with Cora. Amazon previously wanted to test with drones as parcel deliverers, but that was not allowed in the United States. One of the big problems is that with a real breakthrough 'escape routes' have to be made in the air to prevent complete chaos.
#Google's white Kitty Hawk seen from the rear, runway
In New Zealand, according to Prime Minister Jacina Ardern, there is enough room to test really well. Kitty Hawk is allowed to put Cora in practice as a taxi, but still without passengers. By the way, without a pilot, because Cora is 'self-piloting'.
Cora is a new step towards more air traffic. Uber is also busy with the flying cars, while aircraft manufacturer Airbus set aside 150 million dollars to invest in a private project with air traffic.

By: Pim Westenberg, De geldpers