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Isetta, the famous Italian 'bubblecar' car now in electric version: the Microlino.
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Isetta is the famous Italian 'bubblecar' car with a single door at the front. In 1955 BMW bought a production license and produced about 160 thousand BMW Isettas until 1962. After the summer the Microcar reincarnates as electric Microlino.
The Isetto and Microlino prototype, in white & blue color
That it can be more fun than an E-Smart, the company Microlino proves. The car, suitable for two people and three grocery crates, weighs 510 kilos and has a range of 120 kilometers. The top speed is 90 km / h. According to Microlino, the car is 95 percent suitable for what most people do with their current car.
Mcrolino 3 on display
2,000 euros

The Microcar was already developed in 2015 by Wim Ouboter with students from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and design agency Designwerk. Ouboter is a Swiss inventor of Dutch origin. The charging time of the car is four hours via the power socket. It is produced by the Italian firm Tazzari and will cost around 12,000 euros. The car comes on the market after the summer and there are already sold 4,600 in advance.
Microlino consept vehicle seen from above in white and blue color
Erik Kouwenhoven