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Electric cars will be equipped with electronical sound. Listen!
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You can hear cars with a fossil fuel engine approaching from a large distance. With electric cars it is a different story. They hardly make any noise. Of course this makes our streets more quiet but it is also more dangerous. Nissan solves this problem by equipping their electric cars with a exciting sound with the name; ‘Canto’.

Nissan Canto driving at night on a highway

Sound is required on hybrid- and electric cars.

Nissan comes with this move because of a new rule from the US government. It obligates all hybrids- and electric cars to produce any kind of sound. This prevents accidents with pedestrians crossing a street which cannot hear that cars are approaching. Especially the group of blind people will benefit from this measurement.

‘Canto’ is stimulating and enriching.

Instead of choosing for a fake engine sound, Nissan choose for ‘music’. In a press release the car manufactory let know that they have developed the sound to create more safety in traffic. But apart from safety issues it is also developed to be stimulating and to enrich the overall experience of a typical city street.

Variation in sound and pitch height.

A white nissan Canto on the road with on the right side green bushes

Canto means in Latin; ‘I sing’ and is designed to be well audible while not disturbing. The ‘music’ gives you the feeling being part of an exciting moving scene. Sometimes it feels if the developers have touched the pitch wheel on the keyboard. The sound differences depending of the car accelerates, brakes or drives backwards. ‘Canto’ is turned on with speeds of 20 to 30 km. On the highway the sound gets muted.

Musical jungle on the street.

It is a creative solution for a problem. The question is what kind of sounds will other car makers use for their electric cars. It would be advisable that all the car makers will meet and decide which ‘sound’ they will choose, To avoid a jungle of different sounds on the street. Driving a electric car from Nissan seems to get a funny, pleasant experience. Not only you are driving around with a nice sound with all the plans of Nissan will driving be for free.

The sound of future electric cars