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Charging your #electric car while driving.
Transportation Transportation Battery

In Sweden, a road has been modified to charge electric cars and trucks with rails while they travel over them.
Truck on road snow charging rail in front
It sounds like an ideal solution: electric vehicles that charge because they drive on a special road, instead of connecting them to a charging station. And such a road has just been opened in Sweden. The two-kilometer-long carriageway contains electrical rails that supply power to transport vehicles.
eRoadArlanda, Sweden, adapter charging truck electric road
Unfortunately you can not drive 1, 2, 3 over it and immediately charge your car; owners must first have their vehicle fitted with a kind of retractable arm that makes contact with the rails.


When designing the eRoadArlanda, as the road has been christened, everything seems to have been thought of. For example, the rails only give power when a car is above it and only short stretches of road are supplied with electricity at the same time.
When a vehicle stops on the road, the power is broken. The system can calculate the energy consumption of the car or truck, so that electricity costs per vehicle and user can be written off.

Front truck in distance charging rail in front
Even then it may seem dangerous: a road with rails with electricity, but the road is designed so that people and animals walking over it are not at risk. The rails on the surface are grounded to prevent shocks, and the conductor itself is buried deeper. To get a power shock, you should sit on your hands and knees with a fork between the rails, but then a fast moving car is the immediate danger.
We will continue, because rain is no problem for the e-road. The road section contains a drainage system that drains the water and the contact arm attached to the vehicle is designed to push water out of the channel, as well as gravel and other small obstacles. Moreover, the space between the rails is too small for cyclists to get stuck between them (that is different with tram rails).

Provide all of Sweden

The road runs between the Cargo Terminal of Stockholm Arlanda airport and the Rosersberg logistics area outside the capital, and will now only be used by trucks. If that goes well, the Swedish transport administration plans to provide more highways in the country with the rails.
We only wonder how they deal with thick packs of snow.

Sources: eRoadArlanda, The Guardian, New Atlas

Image: eRoadArlanda

By: Laurien Onderwater