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Always wind! This is the new way of #cycling
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In many countries cycling is a way of life, but for us it is so normal. The Netherlands is the perfect cycling country. With 22 million bicycles, special parking garages, 32,000 kilometers of cycle paths, cycle highways and public transport bicycles at almost all train stations. In the meantime, the electric bike is gaining ground and more and more smart gadgets are coming that make the cyclist's life easier. These bikes make the car unnecessary.

The rise of the electric bicycle

A few years ago, an electric bicycle was mainly something for the elderly and people with limited mobility, but that is really a thing of the past. The technology of the bikes improved, the design became more and more beautiful and the range was increased. Models appeared in the city, for recreation and for a mountainous landscape. And charging points everywhere in the Netherlands.

Just leave that car

Because of the arrival of the electric bicycle more and more people decide to leave the car and cycle longer distances to work. You go fast about 25 kilometers per hour. Harder can not, because there is a speed limiter on it to keep it safe. On a normal bicycle, most people get around 16 kilometers per hour, but then you have to peddle a lot. In 2017, already a quarter of all bikes sold were electric and this number continues to grow.

Racing on the speed pedelec

There is also another electric bike, the speed pedelec. This super-fast bike makes it easy to pedal 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. That is just as fast as a scooter and that is why the rules are the same. A helmet is mandatory and the bicycle is not allowed on the bike path in the built-up area, but there is a lot of disagreement about it. The speed pedelec is especially popular with people who travel long distances between home and work and like to do so by bike.

The bike on hydrogen

Now the bicycle on hydrogen is also approaching. A French start-up Pragma Industries develops this bicycle. The cost price is now 7,500 euros and that is still far too much for a consumer. But the company is working on a cheaper model. The advantage of a bicycle on hydrogen is that charging is done in a few minutes, while an electric bike has to be plugged in for a few hours.

Smart gadgets for locks

Bicycles are also increasingly equipped with smart and technological extras. For example, the Swedish company Kronan Bike developed a bicycle with a steel basket in front, which also functions as a bicycle lock. Another company, Ilockit, makes locks that are connected to your smartphone. If you walk away from your bike, the lock will close. If you come back, it will open. And if someone tries to steal your bike, you get a message.

Never 'lost' your bike again

For people who have always lost their bikes in crowded garages, there is the WheelReveal. On your bike you stick a sticker that communicates with an app on your phone. Based on GPS you can always find your own bike again.

Always light in the dark

And of course there is something new for lighting too. No broken front lights, or loose lights, because with the lighting of Revolights Eclipse + you stick four thin strips of LED lighting on your tires and spokes. They automatically turn on when it gets dark and you are visible from all sides.

Cycling is and remains the ideal mode of transport in the Netherlands and with all these developments, it only becomes more attractive. We are curious what you think of it. Do you already cycle electrically? Or do you prefer to kick yourself solidly? See those gadgets, or stay with the old familiar chain lock. We would like to hear it!

Posted in LifeTagged Electric bikes, gadgets, header.Door Asceline Groot