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A solar powered car made from plastic waste. Follow Clean2Antartca on Antartica

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by: Joris Zuid
a solar powered car made from plastic waste  follow clean2antartca on antartica

WhatsOrb is an official partner from Clean2Antartica

Since November 2018, WhatsOr is an official sponsor from the Clean2Antartica project.

WhatsOrb official partner Clean2Antartica

Adventure for Change. Waste meets adventure

Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun. Join us, because creating a cleaner world is an adventure for everyone.

How did the Clean2Antartica challenge start?

Liesbeth and Edwin (Netherlands) were making dinner, when they tossed away another plastic packaging. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They turned around their trashcan and their mindset. Why is plastic suddenly worthless? Why do we blame the government or the supermarket?

Leaving your comfort zone all the way to Antartica

The next day they went to the butcher with their own reusable packaging. An uncomfortable situation, but a moment of success that set off a personal adventure. Liesbeth and Edwin went from the discomfort of their own trash to taking on the freezing challenge of Antarctica.

Start small, but start today to ‘recycle plastic waste

How do you go from the kitchen table to Antarctica? By starting, failing, and adjusting. People said it's impossible. They said plastic waste wouldn't be good enough, the car would fail. But here we are, ready to be the first to reach the South Pole with clean technology. Liesbeth and Edwin don't want to set a record. They want to inspire you to take your own step for a better a world.

Expedition to Antarctica by ‘plastic waste car powered by solar

An expedition for a cleaner world on the coldest continent on earth. A test of man and machine, to inspire a personal adventure at home.

car solar panel  Antartica

Photo by: Clean2Antartica

Leaving the comfort zone

From Antarctica’s base camp, Liesbeth and Edwin will drive to the South Pole and back. A journey of 2400 km through an icy desert where the sun never sets. In -30°C, man and machine will be tested on the driest, coldest, and highest continent on the planet. This is about the power of embracing discomfort. Whether it's about an expedition or taking the first steps to reduce your plastic.

A zero waste continent: Antartica

Antarctica contains 90% of the world’s ice and belongs to no one. It is zero waste by law, making it the perfect destination for a zero waste adventure. We can learn from Antarctica and make sure it stays that way. We also want to raise awareness for the Antarctic treaty. If not extended in 2048, the continent will be opened for commercial exploitation.

Adventure with purpose

We want people to rediscover their world. To experiment with plastic waste and explore a world of possibilities. Our expedition is a spark for personal adventure. It has all the charm of a classical expedition and the purpose of creating a better world. Going on an adventure, at home or far away, can make us better humans.

We arrived on the South pole. -27 °C. The expedition with the solar powered car has started!

“We got a little impatient here in our Mission Control Center. Rumors went that the expedition team had already landed on Monday and that turned out to be true. Nevertheless, we had contact with them for the first time on Wednesday. Exciting!

Antartica route Clean2Antartica

Photo by: Clean2Antartica

Bad weather and a small incident with the wheel of the Solar Voyager caused some delay, but we have good news. We see movement in our Mission Control Center, it looks like they are going to drive today!

Yes, that did not look too good. The suspension of the front wheel had been shot off. Probably because two rings were not installed properly. Fortunately everything was still complete and the Solar Voyager could continue. This accident has ensured that the team is even sharper. Hopefully this will not cause any further problems in the expedition.”

Episodes Antarctica: Our start and many more adventures with the solar waste car

Rough start! Strong wind and a crash, but they arrived at Union Glacier. Episode 3, the arrival on Union Glacier. And as Liesbeth says, we’re ready to rock and roll! All systems work. Panels are tested. Food is packed. On Monday, we leave for Union Glacier, for our first steps on Antartica.

Follow the mission our Antarctica. Check out the expedition videos and stay tuned for new updates about this adventure.

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