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A Sexy electric vehicle. Vespa, meets Tesla and Apple

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by: Sharai Hoekema
a sexy electric vehicle  vespa  meets tesla and apple

One will be hard pressed to go out on the street and not see one of them whizzing by. They are almost as common a sight as cars and bikes: scooters. Not rarely produced in cool, eye-catching colours, and equipped with all kinds of attractive extras, this modern mode of electric transport is enjoying an ever-increasing popularity.

Dubious reputation

The romantic image of exciting, sexy Italian-blooded scooters has surely captured the imagination of many. Although just as many would be quick to highlight their not quite so attractive side: the riding style of the owners, sometimes showing a rather shocking absence of any kind of adherence to traffic rules, is frowned upon in most areas of the world. 

Most people will be familiar with the absolute chaos that reigns on the roads in South-East Asia, in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, where entire families - including family pets - are crowded together on one tiny scooter to travel to and fro.

5 Vietnamese people on a motorbike

Not only worryingly hazardous for those riding these Motorised bicycles, but also dangerous for society as a whole. Road safety, the constant exhaust of fossil fuels and other harmful emissions related to the production and use… just a handful of the issues that accompanied the rising popularity of scooters.

Meet the new electric vehicle, the appscooter

About time that someone stood up and changed something about this. That ‘someone’ is the Dutch electric scooter company Bolt Mobility. Their mission? To protect those on the scooter, as well as those directly around it ánd the environment. Their brainchild? The AppScooter, a fully electric scooter that uses modular batteries - which provide it with a 240 km range. 

And while some electric scooter companies forgot about the most important part of their branding - the look and feel of the scooter itself -, it is clear that Bolt did not skimp on its design stage. This is probably why their end product is best described as the lovechild of a full-blooded Italian Vespa and a bold, adventurous Tesla. At the same time, it boasts some high-tech, smart features that would not be out of place in a James Bond movie. 

Smartphone on wheels

The AppScooter is a fully connected device, and can be integrated with an iPhone or Android smartphone through a touchscreen. Through this connection, it provides its rider will all kind of information and data, including turn-by-turn GPS navigation, easy music selection and a hands-free call answering option.

Some might fear that this is actually making them more of a road hazard, but rest assured that this will not be the case: in order to control those functions, you do not have to let go of the handlebars. The controls are built in those very same handlebars, allowing you to control your display and smartphone for those functions that you need on your journey. Only when your scooter has come to a full stop, all other options offered by the system - including a wide range of Android apps - will be available to you.

And, in the true explorer’s spirit: the scooter has two integrated cameras, that can be used to capture high-quality footage of your journeys. After finishing your recording, you can easily upload the video to your social media channels. Planning to go on quite a long ride? Rest assured that the 65L (2.3 cubic feet) storage area is more than enough (at about 4x the storage of a Vespa) to bring along all the things that you need.

Fully electric vehicle

Most importantly: the AppScooter is clean. It is innovative in its ability to include up to six modular battery packs, each of those would provide it with a range of roughly 67 km - adding up to the total range of 240 km mentioned before. These batteries are made up of Panasonic cells that closely resemble those used by Tesla, as well as a similar double fuse design. In order to fully enjoy this range, you would have to be cruising somewhere around 20 km/h. It will not be your fastest scooter, but probably your most reliable and cleanest one.

What lies ahead?

While it is too early to say whether AppScooter is, in fact, that perfect product - the final production and delivery is slated to start sometime next year -, its unique mix of the cool, sophisticated Tesla attributes with the cute, authentic Vespa appeal and the hi-tech functionalities of the latest iPhone makes it a product to watch. And with its competitive price of about $3,500, it does not quite require you to break the bank either. The AppScooter definitely has a bright future ahead of it.

Vincent Berbee - 9 WEEKS AGO
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Dear Sharai, please update your the article? The company which unveiled the scooter changed name to Etergo and the scooter received some designing updates (which did bring the range down to 240km at 20km/hour)...
The information mentioned in the article is 6+ months old, the 'real' scooter was launched in July, I was there (together with a few hundred others). Nevertheless fantastic concept & scooter! (with 60L storage :))
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