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A beautiful electric retro car design! The 'Luka EV'.
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Hypermodern technology in a retro jacket.

In the Czech Republic, the small manufacturer MW Motors is based, a company that recently unveiled its first electric car.
Black Luka EV car from aside on display
The first entry of the Czech MW Motors has been christened Luka EV, a fully electric car that has taken the form of a classic looking coupe on which front BMW influences from yesteryear can be observed.
Backside black Luka EV car on display
The Luka EV has 4 electric motors that each have been given a place in the wheels. The total power is at a modest 68 hp. The battery pack has a capacity of 21.9 kWh and with that the Luka EV has to be able to reach a range of 300 kilometers. In 9,6 seconds, the 815 kilo-weighing and 4-meter-long coupe sprints to a speed of 100 km / h. The top speed is 146 km/h.

Fortunately, the MW Motors Luka MV only puts 815 kilograms on the scale, otherwise the performance would be even worse. A sprint from zero to one hundred in 9.6 seconds is no longer something to stomp up today, nor a top of 146 km / h.
The car will cost about 20,000 euros. For that price you will receive standard electric windows, air conditioning, central door locking, a leather interior, infotainment and servo steering.

The manufacturer reports that the car is ready to go into production.