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#Hyperloop. Soon we will travel in 45 minutes from London to Edinburgh
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Virgin Hyperloop One has unveiled the first design of its hyperloop cab

Virgin Hyperloop One has unveiled the first design of its hyperloop cab, also known as a pod. The pod was unveiled during the UAE Innovation Month in Dubai. In this metropolis, the first hyperloop route must arise, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The first design offers a look at future passenger transport via a hyperloop.

What is a #Hyperloop

A hyperloop is a stretch of vacuum drawn tubes, through which capsules can be shot. Because these capsules experience almost no air resistance, they can achieve speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers per hour on paper. In addition, the concept reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.
Hyperloop One recently joined Virgin, the Richard Branson company. In an interview with CNBC, the billionaire stated that the Hyperloop can be operational within two to four years, provided that governments respond quickly to it. The billionaire also stated that a Hyperloop system can be cheaper and faster than a traditional rail network.
A part of the white Hyperloop tubes from Virgin

"As owner of a rail network, this is something that I want to be involved with", says Branson. "Consumers would love to travel from London to Edinburgh within 45 minutes. This is possible with a Hyperloop. "

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Together the parties want to realize a first hyperloop route, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This route should make it possible to travel from city to city within 12 minutes. By way of comparison: you take over 2 hours by car.
According to Hyperloop One, the route must ultimately be capable of carrying 10,000 passengers per hour, or 5,000 passengers in each direction.

By: Hidde Middelweerd