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#Hydrogen gas stations gets doubled in Japan!
Transportation Transportation Hydrogen

Toyota, Nissan and Honda join forces.

Toyota, Nissan and Honda join forces with energy and gas companies to double the number of hydrogen filling stations in Japan. Together they build at least 80 new filling stations under the name 'Japan H2 Mobility'.

Currently the counter in Japan stands at 101 gas stations for hydrogen. The new initiative must ensure that the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology continues.

Hydrogen cars.

With this initiative, car manufacturers hope to solve an important problem that hydrogen cars currently face. Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer at Toyota, spoke earlier about a chicken / egg problem: nobody buys a hydrogen car because there are no gas stations for hydrogen.
At the same time, nobody builds a gas station for hydrogen because there are no hydrogen cars.

The growth in hydrogen filling stations must lead to Japanese consumers being more inclined to purchase a hydrogen car. The new filling stations must be completed within 10 years.

A car at a #Hydrogen fueling station
Currently, there are few car brands that use hydrogen cars, with Toyota and Hyundai as the most prominent exceptions. Especially Hyundai is currently making waves: it recently introduced the Nexo, a hydrogen car with a 600 kilometer range.
Cold coloured Hyunday Hydrogen car at display with a lot of blue

Hyundai, Nexo Hydrogen Car

By: Hidde Middelweerd