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#Food aid by #drone which is edible
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Drone with food aid can also be eaten

The British company Windhorse Aerospace develops three different models of what are called 'edible drones'. These nutritious and unmanned airplanes can carry various loads and help ease the suffering of civilians living in disaster areas.
yellow edible drone flying
"Terrorizing entire populations has become one of the most efficient methods of modern warfare," said Nigel Gifford, the company's founder. "This way we can send people the food they need."
Gifford came up with the idea when he was talking to a British Royal Air Force officer who was trying to find ways to get food to the people of Aleppo. That city was completely razed to the ground last year during the Syrian civil war.

Why not develop an edible drone ?

Gilford immediately thought. Unmanned drones do not pose a risk for the loss of a pilot and can also land in difficult-to-reach areas with relatively high accuracy.
The company is therefore working on three prototypes, the largest of which will have a wing width of 2.75 meters. The types of food that the drone prototypes will be made of is not yet known, but that Windhorse Aerospace wants to take into account religious factors in that choice. Many food supplied by aid organizations often remains untouched in the absence of it.
Gifford is not ready for his test piece. He is the founder of Ascenta, a company that makes drones that run on solar energy and that was sold to Facebook in 2014.

Windhorese Aerospace