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#Electric #Harley? Who’s revved up for it?
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Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure. A soon as I charge my battery! An electric Harley-Davidson draws closer.
Harley Motor Logo

Photo Matthias Schack/Flickr

Like many of you, I too was a casual fan of the show Sons of Anarchy. It was a fun brawler with multiple characters chewing the scenery, unlikely plot twists, and plenty of blat-blat-blat Harley-Davidsons. But what if the soundtrack was ... silent?

Electric motorbikes make possibly even more sense than electric cars: it’s pretty easy to tuck both the commuter and the road warrior in the same parking space. Add in light weight and outstanding torque, and an EV bike makes a great addition to the collection.
Lady on electric Harley Davidson
For there to be an electric Harley-Davidson, however, appears to fly in the face of what the brand stands for. Harleys are all about that old school noise. They may be expensive, and a little thirsty, and perhaps not as relentlessly reliable as their Japanese rivals, but the Harley is an icon stretching all the way back to Easy Rider.

But the old guard can’t last forever, and Harley-Davidson has been up against some pretty tough sales numbers. That’s why they’re calling for an all-electric bike to show up within the next 18 months, something similar to the 74 horsepower LiveWire concept. If they can mix that Harley retro vibe with clean-running performance and a noise that doesn’t wake the neighbours, so much the better.

Brendan McAleer / Contributing writer, NSNews