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Unique 'Kite #Wind Power' project in the Netherlands gets global attention. A Dutch astronaut and visionary making a #sustainable future.
Unique 'Kite #Wind Power' project in the Netherlands gets global attention.  A Dutch astronaut and visionary making a #sustainable future.
Energy Energy Wind

Friday the 17th of November 2017, ‘Icoon Afsluitdijk’, the work of Studio Roosegaarde, will open on the famous flood defence between Friesland and Noord-Holland. As part of the program, kites generate wind energy.

These pilots have been developed together with the company ‘Kite Power’. A kite pulls a winch through the strong wind on the dike and is designed to fly in eight while removing itself from the winch. The pulling motion that this produces drives a dynamo and the installation generates power. Once the kite has reached the end of the rope, the device slowly pulls it inside. That costs energy, but in principle it uses much less than the roll-out. This is partly because the kite folds itself up and therefore catches less wind, which makes it easier to get in. Designing such a special kite, which sucks up in height, and collapses itself at the end, was not easy.
Kites with luninous lines in a dark blue sky

The idea originated at TU Delft. A few years ago researchers built a first prototype with a capacity of 20 kW. Now a number of kites are flying on the Afsluitdijk, each with a maximum capacity of 100 kW. The project is the realization of a dream by inventor Dr Wubbo Ockels, who foresaw a future with energy-generating pilots. That future is now temporarily visible on the Afsluitdijk.
Grapphic. Kite sail tracks in the sky

Luminous lines

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate gave a special permit for the project. 'We have looked closely at the location of the pilots so that they do not cause a nuisance', a Rijkswaterstaat spokesman said. "We ensure that there is always enough distance to the road (A7) and have tested it." The length of the kite rope and the size of the pilots are such that they cannot get on the national road. In addition, there is always crew present at the moment a pilot is in the air, to intervene if the situation demands it. 'Shipping is informed by means of a BAS (message to shipping)  about the luminous lines in the air.'

Kite Power ground installation TU Delft

Poetical installation

The kite project, called 'Windvogel', is part of 'Icon Afsluitdijk', which mainly revolves around lighting. Light-emitting algae enter the casemates and sluice buildings are rendered retro-reflective: they only send light that falls on them in exactly the same direction. With their specially designed, luminous lines, the kites are 'a poetic night installation of dancing lines', says Roosegaarde in his description of ‘Windvogel’.
Kite Power already won the Defence Award last year for the idea behind ‘Windvogel’. The armed forces see the pilot as a good alternative energy source for camps and bases.

'Windvogel'project by Daan Roosegarde

Photo: Studio Roosegaarde

Update: maxon engine for 'kitepower'