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The Eneco #wind backpack turns cycling into sailing!
The Eneco #wind backpack turns cycling into sailing!
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Eneco Wind Backpack

The Eneco Wind Backpack is made with a 3D printer and can be used from moderate wind (wind force 4 to 5). To make the best use of the power of the wind, it is possible to steer the sail with the choirs in the right direction.
The orange black Eneco wind backpack
Two Amsterdam designers

The Wind Backpack was invented by Eneco in co-creation with the two young Amsterdam designers Hans-Erik Wagenaar and Gidon Krot. Both designers have a background in the fashion industry. Wagenaar designs fashion accessories and Krot works for Nike, G-Star and SCOTCH & SODA among others. Wagenaar says: 'As a designer, it is a huge kick to see that the product you designed and produced actually works well. It is special to combine three traditional Dutch elements such as cycling, sailing and wind into a functional product, which also looks very good.

Let energy work for you

Jolanda Ravenek, Marketing Communications Manager at Eneco; 'The challenges in the energy transition are great. We need all the thinking power for new sustainable solutions. Under the heading 'Let energy work for you', we want to cooperate more often to implement smart, sustainable and above all fun ideas such as the Wind Backpack. In this way we hope to inspire people in a positive way to think about sustainable energy.'

Prototype backpack
The designers Hans-Erik Wagenaar and Gidon Krot with their prototype wind backpack
Three new prototype Eneco Wind Backpacks are produced by hand from the first prototype. With sufficient enthusiasm, Eneco goes in search of a partner who wants to take the backpack into production. Eneco is giving away the first three prototype backpacks for free, see for more information: