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Tesla gets competition from Nikola. Hydrogen versus electricity
Tesla gets competition from Nikola. Hydrogen versus electricity
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Tesla competitor receives large order in America
white Nikola truck wth black hydrogen pack
Tesla does not experience the best weeks in his history. That cannot be said of many of the competitors. For example, the company Nikola, indeed inspired by the same person, is doing well. The company received an order for 800 new electric trucks just under the nose of the Californian company, Tesla.

Electric or sustainable trucks are the next big market where the battle between old and new manufacturers will be fought. Tesla is just like Nikola a newcomer. The transport of goods must be much more optimized with electric trucks, as expected. Where the company of Elon Musk took the lead, others are now starting to compete seriously. Like Nikola, which is going to make 800 trucks for a beer manufacturer in the coming period.
Overview charge packs Nikola

The most interesting thing about Nikola is the power source. Unlike Tesla, it does not use electrical energy. According to the CEO of the company, the future lies here. Those hydrogen cells are also without emissions, as are the power sources in electric cars.
The manufacturer therefore thinks he has found a gap in the market. Especially because the trucks are as light as possible. With hydrogen cells this can be a lot better than with electrical sources.

Large market

The demand for large trucks is still rising. In the United States, it is now a quarter of a million sold cars per year, with a half per cent to one per cent increase per year per year. It concerns all types of trucks, including diesel models with combustion engines. Because of the large order, Nikola has to build a new factory. Tesla has already received orders from large companies such as Pepsi, Walmart and a few others. The battle will flare up further.

By Emiel Buteijn