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Stink no more! Sound to good to be true?
Stink no more! Sound to good to be true?
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Organic-Cotton Undies Fight Odor, Bacteria With Silver Technology

the funk in your trunk, one pair of undies at a time. The Danish apparel company has developed a line of organic-cotton boxer briefs that keeps your nether regions fresh by “fighting bacteria, regulating temperatures, and reducing sweat,” according to a campaign.
2 men on the beach, black underwear, only torso and legs visib;e
Photo by: Organic Basics

Sound too good to be true?

The secret lies with the garments’ infused silver fibers, which are 99.9 percent pure and are permanently bonded to the fabric, meaning they won’t slough off in the wash or get absorbed by sweaty skin. “We have actively chosen not to work with silver nanoparticles that will wash out after just a few washes,” Organic Basics said.

Stink no more

The company notes that silver has long been prized for its germ-killing properties. In recent years, silver ions have helped neutralize microbes in hospital gowns, athletic wear, even bandages. But scrubbing odor-causing bacteria isn’t all silver can do, Organic Basics said. The metal is also an efficient thermal conductor, which can be helpful for athletes looking to regulate their body temperatures.
“By working with natural elements such as pure silver and organic cotton, we’ve created a fabric that enhances the capabilities of your skin; keeping you warm when it’s cold and cooling you down when it’s warm,” it said. “At the same time, helping your body control micro-bacterial growth and kill the unwanted bacteria.”

The need for infrequent laundering also helps with water conservation
Graphic white, grey cotton, siver use
Organic Basics claims it uses only Global Organic Textile Standard– and Oeko-Tex 100–certified organic cotton, certified pure silver, and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production–certified labor.
Plus, the firm says that product longevity was key to the underwear’s design.

“With SilverTech we have been working with pure silver and long-fiber organic cotton creating a high-quality fabric made to last 10-plus years and with active silver-controlling microbial growth potentially bringing down machine washes by 50 percent,” Organic Basics said. “

Goodbye to ‘fast fashion’ and goodbye to planned obsolescence.

By Lori Zimmer, Inhabitat