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Printing without cartridge #waste. It's happening ! Within a few years we can say goodbye to the expensive, polluting cartridges.
Printing without cartridge #waste. It's happening ! Within a few years we can say goodbye to the expensive, polluting cartridges.
Waste Waste Household

Printing without ink….. it would be a fantastic breakthrough. No more messing around with cartridges, always printing and no more receipts that have faded after two weeks. Inkless, a new printing method devised by Delft company Tocado, should make this all possible. But only in black and white, that is, but the beginning is there and the method that the former TU Delft researchers have invented could turn the print world upside down.


"With the Inkless method, which we developed together with the TU Delft Optics Research Group, we carbonize the paper," says co-founder Arnaud van der Veen. Carbonisation means nothing more than that the paper is burned locally to keep it simple. "If you try to use a thin material like paper in a normal way, you will soon burn through the paper and the print will not be permanent and insufficiently black." Inkless has a much better control over the carbonization process. we have to print less deeply and therefore do not go through the paper. "


The technology is laid down in several patents, which establish the methods that ensure that Inkless is not usable as other inkless techniques. Cash receipts are currently also printed without ink, but you also notice that if you try to read one that is older than a few weeks. Not only does the new process work better, it is now also fast and achieves the same resolution as conventional print standards, without the need for a special coating on the paper that paper receipts have. The company is therefore ready for the next step: scaling up.

Large market

The market for print is large: not only consumers would like to have a printer that does not need cartridges to buy, offices and markets such as the advertising and packaging industry would also need a printer that never needs to be refilled in the arms Close. It is only important to find the right partner, because if the technique is really as good as the makers claim it would bring about a great selection in printer land.

Perhaps it is smart for us to cooperate with one or more larger parties in the market; we have already made the first contacts. In this way the scale can rise relatively quickly and, as expected, the price further down.

Think about the children

Not only is it convenient, the switch to printing without cartridges, toners and coatings is ultimately also a lot more environmentally friendly than the current situation. Tocado says nothing about the environmental impact of carbonizing paper, but states that it is in any case less than today. So perfectly fine, but as there are stories that the electric car has been developed fifteen years ago but has been stopped by 'big oil', it is also possible to imagine that the HPs and Canons of this world may not be happy with a technology. which stops the revenue stream after every printer sold.

It is therefore to be hoped that Inkless is not bought for a lot of money and that the technology is then put in a drawer, because then only the founders and investors have become rich and we are not one step further. Anyway, the technology is promising and when the gentlemen of Tocado add the word, we can all enjoy printing without ink in a few years.

By: © Inkless