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Mystery of octopuses found crawling along Welsh beach! Climate Change?
Mystery of octopuses found crawling along Welsh beach! Climate Change?
Climate Climate Man-Made

Up to 25 of the cephalopods end up on dry land, possibly confused or injured by the recent storms.

Cephalopod, octopus in the sea
Dozens of octopus have been spotted emerging from the ocean and crawling along the Welsh coast in a nightly pilgrimage that has perplexed people at a seaside town. Up to 25 curled octopuses, which grow to a length of 50cm, were seen three nights in a row at New Quay beach in Ceredigion in west Wales. Some of the wayward cephalopods were later found dead, washed up on the beach.

Brett Jones, who runs SeaMôr dolphin-watching boat trips, said he first witnessed the phenomenon when he was returning from a sunset trip. Jones told the Telegraph that in his experience curled octopuses “usually hide in the rocks some two or three metres below the surface. He said he had tried to return the crawling creatures back to the sea where possible. “We collected the ones that were totally out of the water, and plopped them back in at the end of the pier, hopefully saving them from getting stranded,” he said. However it wasn’t enough to save them all. He encouraged anyone who saw land-hugging octopus to return them to the water, but warned: “Wear gloves, they bite like mad.”