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Largest wooden off grid eco building in the world
Largest wooden off grid  eco building in the world
Architecture Architecture General

'Largest wooden' off grid 'building in the world comes in the Netherlands'

It has to become the largest wooden building in the world: The Dutch Mountains. This residence and working environment is in the town Veldhoven and becomes a 'smart ecosystem'.
Impression of the Dutch Mountains in the surrounding landscape

'The Ducth Mountains' wooden building. Photo by: Marco Vermeulen

The Dutch Mountains is designed on the basis of services.

In addition to light, heat and furniture, food, installations and facades are also supplied as a service. This makes it easier to replace elements.

Self-sufficient and data-driven
The roof of 'The Duch Mountains' seen from above
Photo by: Marco Vermeulen

The complex will be 440 meters long and will provide space for companies, apartments, conference centers and a hotel. The complex is also equipped with a park. The Dutch Mountains becomes self-sufficient: energy water and waste recycling circuits are closed. 

The load-bearing construction of the building is made of solid wood. This makes The Dutch Mountains the largest wooden building in the world according to the developers. The sustainable advantage of wood compared to other building materials is that it works as CO2 storage, while in the production of alternative materials such as steel and concrete, a lot of CO2 is emitted. Finally, the building is data-driven and driven by user experiences. Based on this, updates and upgrades are implemented. Even spaces within the building can easily have other functions.

The initiators hope to open the complex by 2021 at the latest.

By: Rianne Lachmeijer