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Hyundai comes with a great #Hydrogen car
Hyundai comes with a great #Hydrogen car
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Hyundai has pulled the canvas of the very first hydrogen car that the car manufacturer actually wants to take in mass production: the Nexo.

Hydrogen car

Hyundai previously presented concept vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, but the Nexo is the first hydrogen car of the South Korean car brand that actually has to appear on the market. The range of the car is great: almost 600 kilometers on a full tank.
Hyunday hydrpgen fuel cell graphic

Few car manufacturers see a future in hydrogen cars, with Hyundai and Toyota being the most prominent exceptions. BMW also reportedly has a hydrogen car on its roll.
Toyota has a hydrogen car on the market with the Mirai, but its sales are currently limited to a minimum. Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer at Toyota, spoke earlier about a chicken / egg problem: nobody buys a hydrogen car because there are no gas stations for hydrogen. At the same time, nobody builds a gas station for hydrogen because there are no hydrogen cars.
The Nexo is part of Hyundai's broader plans in the area of ​​sustainable mobility. The car brand wants to bring both electric and hydrogen cars on the market in the coming years. With the Ioniq, which is available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric variant, the company launched a sustainable model on the market last year.

By Hidde Middelweerd