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First #electric #circular car,
First #electric #circular car,
Transportation Transportation Battery

The students from Eindhoven (Netherlands) take a new path and focus on more important matters.
The Blue electric car Noah from the TU Eindhoven
Great, those electric cars, but it is not (yet) environmentally conscious. Driving does, it does not produce. However, the TU / ecomotive has started working on a solution, in the form of a circular car. With this we mean the processing of recyclable products in a car. A team of 22 students (from 9 different directions) worked on the new concept and design since June 2017, with which it wants to demonstrate that cars can also contribute to the circular economy.
TU Eindhoven already made the world's first bio-based car last year: the Lina. The new car, which was presented last night, was baptized by Noah. The Noah weighs only 350 kilos and is a double city trolley with modular batteries. The range is 240 kilometers, a power of 15 kW brings the vehicle to a top speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. This successor to Lina must be the world's first circular car, according to the team. For example, the binders in the flap panels, as with the predecessor Lina made from vegetable parts, can now also be completely recycled. Unlike the Lina, the binder (this time PLA) and the flax structure can be separated again when the car is taken out of service.
The Noah is not very beautiful, but it looks better than an i3. Not that that is very difficult.

Car manufacturers nowadays do everything to make their products lighter. However, expensive materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber are used for this. Such materials are not only expensive, but also laborious, and so it costs more energy to process them in cars. The environment obviously does not benefit from this.

The unveiling of Noah, including license plate, is planned for June 2018.
Thanks to Sjoerd for the tip!