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Dutch #solar car wins innovation price at Tech Fair CES
Dutch #solar car wins innovation price at Tech Fair CES
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The Dutch company Lightyear won an award in the run-up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The startup last year launched a detailed concept of a car powered by solar energy. This year, Lightyear presents the first demo model.
Lightyear Solar Car
In 2019, the first ten copies will be delivered to lucky buyers, who paid 119,000 euros (excluding VAT) for a luxury solar car. The 'Climate Change Innovators Award' goes to companies that want to implement groundbreaking innovations in order to stop climate change. A total of six companies have won this award. They get a nice spot on the technology fair, namely in the Eureka Park. The Lightyear One runs on solar energy that the car generates itself. With a full battery the car can drive between 400 and 800 kilometers. The surplus of energy that the car generates can be given to your home. "You can also imagine that there will soon be companies that own 20 such cars. When the cars are parked in the parking lot, the generated solar energy can then be used, for example, to provide the air conditioning in the office building with energy, "Tessie Hartjes told last year. She is one of the founders of the Lightyear company. Hartjes: "It's a statement car: we want to show you that you can drive on solar energy. But in the end, of course, that price must go down. Ultimately, we want to sell the car in emerging economies. This is how we want to prevent people from driving there in our old petrol and diesel cars."

By: Tim Kraaijvanger