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Catching fine dust! World première in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
Catching fine dust! World première in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
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Have you already spotted the 'glass' building on Stadhuisplein? Why is he standing there and what do all those installations do? We will gladly tell you about it.

By by fine dust hello clean air

Lungs of the city TU Eindhoven team, Stadhuisplein
The air quality in the city center is poor. For example, there is a lot of particulate matter in the air. In the coming months, a special test will take place at Stadhuisplein. And not just one, because it is also a world first. A pilot project is being carried out within the 'Lungs of the City' project, where particulate matter and soot from the city air are cleaned via parking garage ventilation. Clean air remains and this is blown into the city again. The air quality can be improved with this. The project is part of a scientific study in which the TU / e, the municipality of Eindhoven, ENS Urban and Air Liquide work together.

Why the Town Hall Square

The location of the Stadhuisplein has been chosen because it is a wind-free place where there is a lot of air pollution due to slow-moving car traffic. There are 30 air purification plants in the glass building. The installations have been developed by ENS Urban. During the experiment the concentrations of particulate matter were measured in a large area around the Town Hall Square. In addition, weather data are collected, including wind direction and speed, to map the air movement. Bert Blocken (Professor of Building Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology) about the project: "Never before has experimenting in the public space of a city in this way with the large-scale cleaning of city air. It is a world first in that respect ".
ENS project Rotterdam, Netherlands
Technology is promising

Alderman Mary-Ann Schreurs likes to participate in the project. "Because the air quality in various places is so bad that it is a danger to the health of our residents and visitors, we have to take concrete steps to improve air quality. According to the World Health Organization and the European Environment Agency, particulate matter is the most harmful pollution in the urban environment and is even closely linked to an increased risk of premature death. Only with measurements that the air quality is poor is therefore unacceptable. The expected contribution of this technique is promising for a healthier Eindhoven, but it can of course be applied in many more places, "says Alderman Schreurs.