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Airport in the Netherlands has the largest #electric bus fleet
Airport in the Netherlands has the largest #electric bus fleet
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Schiphol has the largest electric bus fleet in Europe

White electric busses at a charging station
Photo: NHNieuws

Schiphol & electric buses

For several weeks already a number of public transport networks have been operating at and around Schiphol: electric buses from Connexxion. From Sunday all regular buses calling at Schiphol from this 'zero emission' type. Wednesday was the official presentation of the new buses at Schiphol.

Since Wednesday, 65 electric buses have been in use. From Sunday there are even a hundred. This is the largest electric bus fleet in Europe.

Connexxion won the concession for public transport in the Amstelland-Meerlanden region last year, which includes Schiphol. One of the conditions of the Amsterdam Transport Region was that there should be driven with zero-emission buses. Connexxion then came up with this solution.

Two kinds

There are two types of zero-emission buses in use. Fifty pieces have a slightly tapered front, are largely white and bear the inscription 'Hello Goodbye' and the Schiphol logo. Because of their shape and the distinctive bell when they drive away, they are a bit like a tram. The other fifty buses carry the familiar red colors of Randstadnet. Both types are otherwise technically identical.

Connexxion development bureau, explains that the introduction of electric buses was a complicated matter . "The buses have a range of 75 kilometers and must therefore be recharged often. For this purpose, various charging points have been opened at and around Schiphol. "A challenge is that the batteries cannot last as long in cold weather, a phenomenon that also occurs with electric cars.

In order to be able to carry out the timetables and to be able to carry out day and night, buses that are constantly being charged must be ready. To achieve this, there are various charging stations for fast charging and slow charging. The buses are equipped with oil-cooled batteries on top of the roof. "We have already gained the necessary experience with this type of bus.

Climate neutral

Schiphol Group - which is committed to making the operation more sustainable - has paid the charging points. According to the Airport Operations at Schiphol, this is in line with the airport's aim to be climate neutral by 2040. In 2014, a large part of the taxis that travel to and from Schiphol were replaced by electric Tesla's.

Connexxion, indicates that with this step in the Netherlands Connexxion is a forerunner in greening the bus fleet. "From 2025 all new buses in the Netherlands must be of the electrically driven type. In 2030 there will be no diesel buses in the Netherlands. "

The only diesel buses that still run at Schiphol are buses for day trips to Sundays, for example the Keukenhof and the Schiphol shuttle buses to the parking places.

By: Niek Vernooij, Photo: Travel media