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760 Million liters of water leaks away every day in Ireland.
760 Million liters of water leaks away every day in Ireland.
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760 Million litres of water lost each day: Immoral

In a world where the idea of sustainability is ever-more important; in a world where drought is having a devastating impact on millions of people, the Irish Water report, that around 761million liters of water are lost each day from our water supply systems, suggests an indifference and stupidity bordering on the immoral.
man reading a newspaper while water drips from the ceiling
That this figure has increased despite significant investment in repairing the system points to a kind of circular lunacy that will, sooner or later, have to be confronted in a very real and expensive way. This waste simply cannot continue.

Water security, or at least how it is paid for, was used as a political football for too long. In reality, it was a proxy issue used to oppose inequality and the growing concentration of wealth.

Is it too much to hope now that the economy is stronger, now that the spleen has been vented, that sanity might prevail and that we accept that we have an obligation, if not to ourselves then to the future, to put a secure and sustainable, modern water supply system in place?