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#Waste is delicious. Why would we throw away distorted fruit and vegetables?
#Waste is delicious. Why would we throw away  distorted fruit and vegetables?
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In a supermarket in Wageningen (the Netherlands) is the first so-called 'waste shelf' of the Netherlands with products that were otherwise discarded.

The initiative is very good. Too much food is thrown away, sometimes only because it does not look so good and is therefore not sold. While it tastes just as good.

A third of all food is wasted, a scientist at Wageningen University told me two years ago. I did not think that was acceptable, because food is not meant for, "says the supermarket owner. A lot of things play a role: too many products, or fruit and vegetables that do not look good and are therefore unsuitable for sale. Supermarkets also participate in this. Locally we have no influence on it, but that does not mean that we can not do anything. In this way the food bank receives products from us that are about the date every day.


Together with organizations such as CSR Netherlands - the national organization for corporate social responsibility - the supermarket owner went to work. He came into contact with 'Wastes is Delightful', a platform of entrepreneurs who process food that would otherwise be lost. They now supply, among other things, cider of "not completely cool fruit", oyster mushrooms grown on coffee grounds and soap from orange peels.

The waste shelf, a special cupboard, was difficult to realize. Some suppliers thought that a price wafer was sufficient. However, the supermarket works with barcodes. And all ingredients must be mentioned on the packaging. That was not always the case.

Deformed cucumbers

For the time being, the shelf is a test. For half a year. The intention is that we continue it. It would be nice if we could simply place the products between the others, just like the fair trade articles. At the vegetable department there are already crooked cucumbers next to straight, plastic-packed co-workers. They do not look. The image that the consumer has is that a cucumber should be right. It does not matter for the taste, you do not notice any difference in the salad. "Both variants cost 98 euro cents.

Deformed cucumber hanging plant

According to MVO Nederland, more supermarket entrepreneurs will place a ‘waste shelf’ later this spring. The supermarket is satisfied with the first turnover.


The shelf has been there since Friday and was officially presented on Tuesday. At least 200 customers have already bought something out of it. The iced tea of ​​saved fruit, the soup of slightly too small tomatoes and the beer of old bread are doing well. Here in Wageningen, with a university that gives a lot of attention to food, we are well on the shelf. Students generally opt for good and healthy food, so no bags of chips. And that special beer is still hip found. I also notice that in society there is a growing awareness that things will not work out well if we continue with the same waste behavior with our planet. 

A customer, takes a can of vegetarian soup with beans from the shelf. This is a fun action. It's good that food waste is being tackled. That the soup is comparatively slightly more expensive does not bother her.

By: Jan Kras