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#Sustainable charging point, 'tablet' and picnic area. The first in the world!
#Sustainable charging point, 'tablet' and picnic area. The first in the world!
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This new building (bicycle starting point)is tablet, charging point and picnic area in one

You can recharge your electric bike, equip in a covered area and create a new route. It is the first in the world.
3 peple with siccor cutting a ribbon for the opening of the charging point and bicycle area
Developer Kees Boer (Netherlands) is proud of it: "It has become very beautiful!"

The Bureau for Tourism VVV has a large touchscreen in the boarding point. Hikers and cyclists can map out routes in this. "The screen also gives useful tips," explains Jeroen Woudenberg from the Bureau for Tourism (VVV). "Because ‘the building’ is connected to the internet, he thinks, so if it rains hard he will not recommend you to take a walk on the beach, but it is looking for an indoor activity in the neighborhood."
Solar panels on the roof of the bicycle recharging picnic area

A sustainable charging point

The Bureau for Tourism (VVV) Zeeland, the Province and developer Ecotap have worked for one and a half years on the pick-up point. It is made with technology that is also in electric cars and electric charging stations, but is sustainable: the solar panels on the roof make it self-sufficient.

The bicycle starting point is shiny on all sides. "I have polished it especially before the opening", says Boer. "It is big: made to go up in nature and very solid." In total, ten bicycle take-off points must be constructed.