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#Solar boat hydrofoil from the TU-Delft Netherlands
#Solar boat hydrofoil from the TU-Delft Netherlands
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Rebecca Belmer is contributing to #Solar Boat TU Delft.
Rebecca Belmer assembling #solar pannels
"I have been working full-time on the new Solar Boat of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for a year now," says Almerian Maritime Technology student Rebecca Belmer (20).


"The goal is that with this solar-powered boat we will make a contribution to counteracting the great pollution caused by shipping." "We believe that solar energy has the future in the maritime world," says Belmer.
"The application of that energy is actually quite simple.
Soalr boat hydrofoil sailing at a canal
That is why our team of 24 students from TU Delft designs and produces a solar boat that sails on hydrofoils. " With two hydrofoils the boat 'flies' over the water. "We can achieve a top speed of 55 kilometers per hour. We are now working on stability, speed and reliability, "explains Belmer. "With the boat we build, we participate in the international Solar Sport One competition. This consists of races in both the Netherlands and Monaco. "

TU-Delft students watching their solar boat
The students want to talk to the maritime companies about the applicability of sustainable energy in the maritime world. "In this way we want to contribute to cleaning the shipping world and thereby contribute to a healthy environment." Noorderplassen Belmer wants to get started in the maritime world after her studies. "I think it would be great to design ships or big yachts. Then of course I also want to apply what I now learn and discover about clean energy " The student was already given the love for sailing as a child. "At the Noorderplassen I learned to sail from Gerard de Bont very young. A lot of children sailed in Optimists and Lasers on that lake. That is what I continued to do as a scholar of primary school De Omnibus and of the Trinitas Gymnasium. That feeling has never left. So all I am doing now and going to do is ever started on the Noorderplassen."

TU-Delft solar boat deck with solar pannels

By Robert Mienstra