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#Smart bag #charges your gadgets anyware
#Smart bag #charges your gadgets anyware
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This luminous smart bag can charge your gadgets and has more smart features.

No more searching for your keys in your bag. The smart bag from Minois has a solution and immediately charges your #smartphone. Which you also get a lot faster in this luminous smart bag.
A woman opening the lit of the Minois smart bag
The Minois smart bag.

The Minois smart bag has a built-in battery to charge your phone. Charging the battery in the bag is done with the supplied wireless charger. Besides this beautiful feature, the smart bag has another trick.

The smart bag from Minois When you open the black leather bag, the light comes on, so you can quickly find your things. The last cleverness is the adjustable handle. In no time, you can turn a shoulder length into a shoulder bag or even a crossbody bag. The creator of the Minois bag, Simone Tertoolen, thinks that a bag should not only look beautiful and feel good, but should have a 'touch of magic'. In fact, a bag is the ultimate wearable that is always with you.

Tertoolen learned the course at TU Delft and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure in Paris. The prototype of the smartbag, which will cost 699 euros, will be presented in April 2018 at the Milan design fair.

Ingeborg van Lieshout Ingeborg blogs for since the start in October 2005. Her specialties are architecture, urban design, design and sustainability.