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#Hydrogen car use on the rise! Even the police are gonna use them.
#Hydrogen car use on the rise! Even the police are gonna use them.
Transportation Transportation Hydrogen

Police London is going to run on hydrogen.
Yellow, blue #Toyota policecars at a #Hydrogen fuel station

The police force of London has bought eleven police cars on hydrogen. It should form the start of a fleet of 550 emission-free police vehicles in 2020.
London has been struggling with air pollution for centuries. In the nineties, the smoking of cigarettes and cigars was even prohibited as an emergency measure.

In that respect, the purchase of local, emission-free police cars puts more effort into the dike.

At Toyota, eleven hydrogen cars were purchased for this purpose, the first of which was already in use.
The interior of a blue #Toyota Mirai, yellow Hydrogen tank

Fast refueling

You can have a tank at one of the five hydrogen filling stations in London. More stations will be added in the coming years, making it more interesting for private individuals to opt for hydrogen. The Mirai The Mirai runs on average 500 kilometers on a full tank and the big advantage over an electric car on batteries, is that refueling with the Mirai takes as long as with a car on petrol or diesel.

Erik Kouwenhoven. Photo's top, cover: © Toyota