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#Climatechange visible in the Netherlands or just coincidence?
#Climatechange visible in the Netherlands or just coincidence?
Climate Climate Man-Made

The Netherlands is struggling with an extreme natural phenomena. We first had a summery fall, even the winter is still warm. Flowers, plants and trees are in bloom everywhere in the Netherlands.
"This is climate change in the backyard," says biologist Arnold van Vliet of Wageningen University. "Look out the window and you see the consequences of global warming."
Narcissus blooming
As the first Western storm of the year rages through the country, some daffodils are already popping up. The saying: 'when the daffodils bloom, spring has begun' does not stop. Hazel and alder also flourish. 
Forsythia blooming yellow
"The hay fever is extremely early this year", says the biologist who also manages where people pass first flowering observations. "The extremely early flowering plants clearly show climate change." Van Vliet explains: "It is a combination of the warm October, November and December. We are in the fourth place of hottest months. This followed a colder September. That may have given trees and plants a trigger to go into a winter position. If the temperature rises after that, early bloomers can respond to it."

By Chris Ververs