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If you sense that you or someone on the site may be in imminent danger, call your local police station and/or national alarm number from your country.

Quick tips

What is Harassment & Cyber bullying?

Harassment is when someone persistently troubles or attacks another. Online, this is called cyber bullying and is commonly seen in text comments, messages and videos. People who harass others are usually doing this to get attention or reactions from others online or in real life. Harassment can be mildly annoying or can pose very serious safety issues. It's important to know the differences between the two to know when you should just ignore the user or report to a trusted adult or authorities or send an e-mail to:

How can I stop harassment & cyber bullying?

Not everyone online is nice. Comments can get pretty rough sometimes. One thing nearly all haters have in common is that they are trying to get a reaction out of you. If a user's comments are bothering you, it's probably not a good idea to reply back.

In this stage of WhatsOrb-Development please 'flag' the content or write to:

Why should I stop or prevent harassment & cyber bullying?

When you learn to help yourself, you can help to show others how to stop harassment and bullying. When we all fight against this bad behavior, we create a better environment for users to interact and share videos & clips and other green content with each other.

Tips for preventing cyber bullying

Being a victim of cyber bullying can be a common and painful experience. Some who cyber bully:

  • Pretend they are other people online to trick others
  • Spread lies and rumors about victims
  • Trick people into revealing personal information
  • Post mean comments
  • Film or make photo’s from victims without their consent

Here are some ways that you can help prevent cyber bullying on WhatsOrb

  • Refuse to post or pass along cyber bullying content.
  • Tell friends to stop cyber bullying
  • Stop communication with cyber bullies
  • Report cyber bullying to a trusted adult or mail to:
  • Flag cyber bullying content for review by our WhatsOrb-Team.

The WhatsOrb-Team