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Why would you #green your garden! Remove as many tiles if possible
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Get rid of the tiles, come on with the green!

Living Living It is better for your environment, the environment and yourself to have more green than hard pavement in your garden. Six reasons in a row to get started and green your garden.
Butterfly on a bush
1. Less flooding due to heavy rain showers

Due to climate change, we will have to deal more with heavy rain showers in the coming decades. All that water cannot sink into the ground if there is only pavement everywhere. And that means that the already overloaded sewer will be even more loaded. The result is flooding, in which you have to think of flooded cellars, hindrance to traffic or floating manhole covers. If we all together put more grass, plants and trees in our garden, that would make a huge difference.

2. Cool climate on hot summer days

The temperatures are rising and although some people enjoy a mild winter and hot summer, there is something to be said for cooling off. Green takes care of that. The more green there is in a certain neighborhood, the more coolness you can find on a hot summer day. That is why such a plea is being made for more green roofs in the city: they keep the climate under control and provide the necessary cooling.

3. Earth absorbs carbon better
Plant on black soil
The soil in your garden can store a large amount of carbon from the air. This makes a green garden unexpectedly a major asset in the fight against climate change. This was read in the New York Times. The soil in your garden can store more carbon than, for example, an urban forest, says Carly Ziter of Wisconsin-Madison University in America.

4. Flowery gardens are good for bees and butterflies

We all know now that bees and butterflies are getting more and more difficult. In rural areas, there is hardly any room for them and that means that special "bee ribbons" are installed to ensure that they do not die out. More flowers in your backyard helps just as well and it is still beautiful to look at.
Bee on blue flower

5. Looking at green improves your concentration

Research from the University of Melbourne shows that looking at a green roof increases your concentration. In that study, 150 students got a boring job. Halfway they were allowed to take a small break of 40 seconds, one half looking at a photo of a green roof and the other half looking at boring concrete. After the break, the students who had looked at the green roof turned out to perform better. Looking at green helps you to concentrate and continue to perform better. A green garden view from your office therefore seems a must.

6. Green reduces stress
Purple, blue flowers
Plants can lower blood pressure, reduce tension in the muscles and reduce feelings of anger, aggression and anxiety. In 2002, the University of California - Riverside researched that hospital patients with a view of green heal faster than comparable patients who had no prospect of green. Japanese doctor Qing Li also investigated the effects of green on your health. This showed that regular 'forest baths', walking slowly and consciously through the forest, have positive consequences for your resistance.

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By Wyke Potjer