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Growing #vegetables underwater? Is that possible?
Gardening & Agriculture Gardening & Agriculture Vegetables

Father and son grow vegetables at eight meters deep in the sea

Off the coast of Noli in Italy a father and son started an underwater farm. At eight meters depth they grow vegetables and fruit in the Mediterranean.
A man with his diving suit with his upper body in a biosphere and his legs visible outside the spere
Nemo's Garden started in 2013 as an experiment by Sergio and Luca Gamberini. The first project was washed away by a storm. Then a more permanent structure was put down and it is still there.
Inside the biosphere, plants, equipment
Nemo's Garden consists of five biospheres that are connected with cables to a 'tree of life'. Each biosphere is connected to a control tower on land, which accurately monitors the entire process, regulates the temperature and provides power.
A girl without and a man with diving gear inside the biosphere growing vegetables
Because the crops suffered from the cold weather, father and son decided to grow their products under water. This allowed them to use the relatively uniform temperature of the seawater, which makes plants grow better. The domes work like a greenhouse, but then underwater.

Jeannette Kras