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Amelis' Hof; an 18th century vegetable farm that provides food for body and soul.
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Since the 18th century, a vegetable farm of about 1 hectare has been built on the Amelisweerd estate in Bunnik: Tuinderij Amelis'Hof. Since 1984, vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers have been grown here in a biodynamic way by the gardeners Michel Smits and Mariëlle Dings.

According to the bio-dynamic agricultural principles, the earth is the basis. Caring for a good soil with a rich soil life is very important. The better the soil, the better the root, the better the vitality of the plants. Fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary. The great diversity in and around the garden creates a stable balance between desired and less desirable animals.
The earth is being taken care of by:
• working with compost in the ground (instead of the use of animal manure)
• applying exchange cultivation
• keeping the cultivation pressure low by cultivating a sixth part of the soil with green manure
• not using heavy machinery because they compact the soil. This is bad for the permeability of the soil, and thus for soil life
• use of the biodynamic preparations and the sowing calendar

About 60 different vegetables, 25 kinds of herbs, small fruit and many flowers with the rich taste and smell of the past grow on the historical ground. They are well-known products, but also forgotten vegetables such as prawn, evergreen mush and winter broccoli and old-fashioned vegetables such as chard, bacon beans, parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke. The multitude of shapes and colors are a delight for the senses. Passers-by, customers and employees enjoy this beauty and peace of mind, despite the daily activities. It is a place to reflect; nutrition for body and soul.

Amelis' Hof has various activities to offer. In addition to the vegetable subscription to be purchased throughout the year, visitors can buy fresh organic vegetables, fruits and herbs from the garden store in the forest from May to November. In addition, more than 150 types of flowers are growing all over the garden that has been renamed as a flower picking garden. Here, amongst others, mountain cornflowers, daisy, drumsticks, phloxes, zinnias, flowering onions, damsels in the green and dahlias. So there is plenty of choice from the end of May to enjoy picking ever-changing flowers for a beautiful, colorful and colorful bouquet.

Amelis' Hof is also a beautiful location for company trips. The possibilities are diverse: a guided tour through the market garden, picking a bouquet of flowers, lessons about gardening, a lecture about bees, harvesting vegetables and herbs for pizza, making soup over fire, or else cook goodies with products of the country in the outdoor kitchen. (Almost) everything is possible!

Finally, Amelis' Hof offers daytime activities to people with psychiatric or psychosocial problems. Everyone contributes to the production and processing of vegetables at his or her level. Working at your own pace, with hands in the earth, in the open air is stress reducing; the attention is on the hands and senses, the head and thinking becomes calm and the concentration increases.

Amelis' Hof is an ideal place for people to stroll around quietly, stroll along the wide, grassy paths, tap into the toad pond behind the shed or take a seat on a bench by the water and muse. Visitors will be welcomed by a cup of herbal tea. In the season, of course, drawn from fresh herbs from our own garden. Be welcome to simple be.