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Wedding and party clothing that is made with a heart for the environment and society
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This clothing will let you marry sustainably

Raven + Lily

Expectant brides and their guests can choose from an ever increasing number of responsible (wedding) party attire. We would like to introduce you to the new creations of the hippest sustainable fashion labels.

You know it: you are getting married and suddenly you need a bigger wardrobe. Think of the built-in wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City 2. There is an engagement party, a bachelor party, a practice dinner and for every occasion you want to wear something beautiful. And of course you also want to give guests clothing tips.

Now is the time to invest in wedding and party clothing that is made with a heart for the environment and society. Because knowing that the seamstresses who have already confirmed the gems on your clothes have been paid for it, makes the big day even more beautiful, right?


The dresses of the fair trade label AGAATI are made from organic materials, natural fibers, recycled fabrics and other environmentally friendly materials. The brand tries to keep its ecological footprint as limited as possible by planting trees all over the world. It also gives 5% of the profit to good causes.

On the website you will find lots of beautiful dresses that you can wear for an evening party. Guests can also find their thing here.

woman sitting on chait in white wedding dress
All Reformation clothing is made in factories that use the most efficient, ecological and socially responsible technologies. The company has invested heavily in a 'green building' infrastructure to reduce waste, water and energy waste as much as possible. In the web shop you will find wedding dresses and romantic tops

Anita Dongre
Woman standing wearing pnk, red weding dress ring in nose
The Indian designer Anita Dongre is super environmentally conscious and has also integrated this into the DNA of her label. Her head office has a lot of daylight and uses as little energy and water as possible. The waste mountain is kept as small as possible. As a vegan she also refuses to work with fur, leather or other animal materials.

On her website you can discover the bridal couture, but you will also find hand-woven tops and cocktail dresses. Recently the collection has been supplemented with 'cruelty free' accessories.

Danielle Fichera
Woman standing with white wedding dress Daniella Fichera
This label only uses materials from the Albini Group, which is known for its sustainable fabrics. All products are made in an ecological and safe way. Bride who are looking for an original dress should definitely take a look at Danielle Fichera. The style is somewhat looser and a bit ethereal, so it is also cut for events in the run-up to the wedding.

Woman standing with one arm behind her head in white wedding dress Kamperett
Designers Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo only work with materials of the highest quality. The factories are run in an ethical manner. KAMPERETT stands for subtle but elegant luxury fashion. The outfits are ideal for relaxed practice dinners or bridal brunches and even for the honeymoon.

 900 × 1350Images may be subject to copyright TOME - Ivory Peplum Dress | Amy's wedding
American designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin strongly believe in the importance of ethically responsible clothing production. They design clothes with TOME for women of all ages and models.
Both brides and their guests can browse at TOME between cocktail dresses and simple but elegant outfits.

Raven + Lily
Woman sitting on bed with wedding dress Raven lily
This label by Kirsten Dickenson aims to 'empower' women on a global scale. For this it works together with artisans from all over the world and it employs women who live in risky conditions to produce the collections.