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Energy energy Solar

Solar and battery-based generator delivers electricity wherever you want

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by: Roel Bleumer
solar and battery based generator delivers electricity wherever you want

If you are looking to generate energy in a mobile or off-grid place, this most likely requires a petrol generator. These polluting generators are used pretty much on a daily basis by building companies, farmers, and festivals. And while it certainly does not help the environment, it is the only option, for now.

Needless to say, they are far from environmentally friendly. It is mostly based on the decade-old car technology. Back then, there were no strict regulations regarding emissions. This allowed car manufacturers and other users of petrol generators to pollute freely. While they are decidedly not ‘green’, there is an added downside, as they are generally very noisy and user-unfriendly as well. This is not to mention the huge amount of fuel that it consumes.

Now, Volta Energy has created an alternative! The Volta Naos is a solar and battery-based system that can power the same devices or machinery as used by builders, farmers, and festival organizers alike - all while not using any fuel. This makes the system more sustainable. On top of that, it is silent and more user-friendly. Oh, did we mention that it is also a lot cheaper to operate?

The Volta Naos is a modular system. This means that it can be extended or reduced through clicking on an extra battery and solar module. The latter uses a sun tracking system to maximize yield, which is a great way of using renewable energy sources effectively.

And no, this system is not massive and top-heavy either. Even better, it can be transported using a van or a trailer. Additionally, the system as a whole can be lifted by a person (in line with relevant ARBO legislation). All of this makes it the ideal successor of the old-fashioned generators.

Volta Energy has just successfully finished its prototyping phase and is scaling up its production of Naos systems. The first customer, that effectively launched it, was a city in the direct vicinity of the company’s base. This summer, several systems were rented out to users who had previously only used petrol generators, which led to great and valuable feedback.

For the next year, Volta Energy is looking to ‘green up’ as many festivals as possible. They aim to do so by matching the price of the system with the price of a petrol generator. As such, cost can no longer be the reason for not opting for the more sustainable solution. Currently, the rental website is under construction to fit it to this purpose, while more rental systems are set up and a renting corporation is put in place. All to be ready for what is to come!

Interested in the company? Or are you interesting in renting the Volta Naos for the weekend? Find out more at

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