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#Wind turbines cleaned by #drones
Energy Energy Wind

Do these drones make aerial platforms unnecessary to clean the blades of a wind turbine?

#Drone spraying water on propeller blade #wind turbine

For which application are drones not yet used? That was probably the question asked by Aerones' team. The company specializes in heavy lift drones and you can do a lot with that. Their powerful drones can be used to save people from the water, to deliver heavy parcels, water plants but also for fun: to jump parachute.
A man hanging under a #Aerones #drone while 2 man are watching. Red light
One of their designs is multifunctional: a drone that sprays water. They already used the employees to clean buildings and extinguish fires, but now also to blow ice and snow from wind turbines. And that is necessary, because sails with snow are less streamlined, ice can cause everything to freeze and at the end the turbine produces less sustainable energy.

36 Propellers

The drone is so strong thanks to its 36 propellers. This force is used to lift a hose - filled with water and power wires. The continuous supply of electricity ensures that the vehicle can remain in the air for as long as necessary.

Furthermore, the drone with its many propellers can compensate for the powerful water jet with which the hose sprays. That way he can work exactly. The water comes out of the hose at 100 liters per minute. Parachute And should anything go wrong, such as the power that goes down or propellers that cut it, then the drone has three parachutes for a soft landing. So it has been thought of everywhere. Can drones be used for even more? Surprise us, Aerones!

Amazing new #drone inventions

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