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This is how #artificial intelligence makes the world more #sustainable.
Community Community Artificial Intel.

Although man (sometimes) can come up with brilliant solutions, we can not of course make calculations as quickly as a computer. An artificial intelligence could make all kinds of complex calculations in no time with the processing power of a supercomputer, which we do not come close to. This can be used to make your smarthome more efficient, for example, but AI can also be used to make the world a more sustainable place.
In these five ways artificial intelligence could do a lot of good for humanity.

Coordinated energy network
Windmills at sunset
The world is working hard to become more sustainable by using energy sources that are environmentally friendly, such as solar or wind energy. The difficulty is to make the whole of different energy sources into a coordinated whole that can respond to the changing demand for energy. Artificial intelligence could play an important role in this. It can make it much faster and more efficient for example to communicate between the different energy sources when there is less wind or the sun has set.
For example, there could also be a response to a greater demand for energy in a city where a large concert is given or a town that suddenly needs much less energy in the summer, because then the tourists are gone. The available energy could be distributed much more efficiently, so that less is wasted. In this way a kind of decentralized energy network could be developed.

Autonomous car network
Autonomous cars graphic
With a view to sustainability, many governments and automakers are also busy with electrifying and making cars autonomous. By means of artificial intelligence we could switch to a system where mobility could be requested on-demand. Think for example of a kind of autonomous Ubers, which you can call via an app. The system checks which Uber is nearby and can pick you up best. The advantage of this is firstly that with electric cars we no longer have CO2 emissions at all. Also, people do not need cars themselves anymore, so that not many cars are produced unnecessarily. When the self-driving cars are interconnected, traffic jams can also be prevented, and accidents will hopefully be something of the past.

Artificial intelligence could also do good things in agriculture.
A future round  farm in a high rise building
It could be used to collect all kinds of data and make automated decisions based on this. For example, it could be discovered at an early stage that certain crops are contaminated with something. It could also collect data about cattle and determine when and how much the animals should get food or possibly get sick. This makes the entire agricultural industry much more efficient and there is less waste of, for example, water and manure.

Weather forecast 2.0
Sattelites in space
Artificial intelligence could also provide more insights into changing the climate on earth by means of deep learning. The deep learning algorithm is based on the functioning of the human brain and can independently learn new skills. The Climate Informatics area is currently on the rise and uses AI to, for example, make weather forecasts and understand the effects of climate change. Normally, supercomputers are needed for these calculations, but deep learning networks require less sophisticated computers and much more complex calculations can be made. In a decade, progress in this area could be so far-reaching that you could even make the same calculations with your laptop as the supercomputers of today.

Rescuing angel in distress
Ambulance with a fire at the background
Through artificial intelligence, many lives would be saved, for example when a natural disaster occurs. Often people who are stuck somewhere post a message on facebook to be saved, but at the moment it is not possible to monitor all these messages and react efficiently. With AI, that is of course a breeze and we would have more accurate information at a much faster rate. Naturally, the AI ​​would also be connected to the networks of rescue organizations and the fire brigades, so that an adequate and rapid response can be made.

The downside of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence, as we see, could do a lot of good for the world and mankind. But if you have ever seen a science fiction film, you also know that AI systems sometimes turn against humanity. For example, in the film I, Robot, robots race through to protect people against themselves. In the series The Hundred even a large part of mankind is destroyed, because man would be bad for the earth. Artificial intelligence may not necessarily become too sustainable. At the moment, fortunately, we do not have to deal with that kind of thing. But Ford seems to want to make a small start with its autonomous police car. The automaker applied for a patent for a car that you can follow and check independently.

Ilona Braam, Fast Compagny