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First #Blockchain baby
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Birth of the first blockchain baby is a fact. Practical test started with fifty maternity families

The practical trial on #blockchain in maternity care (Netherlands) started last week. Initiators cooperative VGZ and Zorginstituut Nederland do a trial of a total of three months. Together with maternity care organizations Liemerscare, Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland and Kraamzorg VDA, around fifty maternity families use the blockchain application 'My Care Log'.
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During this trial period, the application of #blockchain technology in practice will be tested for the administrative processes surrounding maternity care. Blockchain specialist Ledger Leopard developed the legally certified My Care Log in 2017 by the Zorginstituut Nederland (Association of Healthcare Institutions) and is thus at the birth of the first blockchain baby.

Lower costs

VGZ hopes to reduce administrative pressure for healthcare providers with blockchain technology. In addition, the technology must lead to lower costs for the insurer itself. The monitoring of the hours worked by the maternity assistant, its processing and the financial settlement is recorded in the My Care Log app without the intervention of third parties. This should also lead to easier settlement of declarations.

Jeroen van Megchelen, CEO Ledger Leopard: 'When we were commissioned last year by 'Zorginstituut Nederland' to develop a #blockchanging application for healthcare, I knew this was an important moment. Now we had to show why blockchain is the future. The Dutch Healthcare Institute wanted to gain insight into the possibilities and consequences of blockchain technology for the existing processes, legislation and regulations and techniques in healthcare. We started building and that is how My Care Log came about. '

Coöperatie VGZ and Zorginstituut Nederland want to test whether it is possible to give citizens more control over their own healthcare data. Van Megchelen is convinced that this can be done with blockchain: 'Blockchain has four unique features that make the technology unique, safe and reliable and this is also reflected in My Care Log. Different data sources are connected, the user is the boss, the data entered is irrefutable and everything works faster, more efficiently and is therefore cheaper. The trial with My Care Log must show whether the administrative process can actually be optimized using blockchain technology. '

First 'blockchain baby'

Three maternity care organizations participate in the practical trial. Last week was the day and the first 'blockchain baby' came into the world. The maternity nurses and the young mothers keep their time registration on a smartphone with My Care Log. As a result, the registered hours are recorded and immediately accessible to the various parties involved in maternity care. The mother determines which parties she gives access to her data. And she also has real-time insight into how many hours of maternity care she has left in her budget. Checking afterwards is therefore no longer necessary. The parties expect the first results at the end of April.

By: Christel Tuin