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Will Trumps melting head in glacier ice convince people about climate change?
Climate Climate Man-Made

Finnish climate activists are trying to raise money to be able to sculpt Donald Trump's head in a glacier. They need half a million euros for it.

The art project of the Finnish Melting Ice group has been named; ‘Project Trumpmore’, a reference to Mount Rushmore showing the granite-carved faces of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
4 heads carved in rocks Mount Rushmore
In a press statement, the chairman of Melting Ice, Nicolas Prieto, says: "Global warming is one of the most important topics at the moment. Yet there are still people who think that it is all not too bad. We want to make a monument so that everyone can see how long it takes before the sculpture is melted. People often only believe something when they see it with their own eyes. "

If the group has the required amount together, you can follow the construction of the Trump glacier via a livestream. Melting Ice aims at an image of 35 meters high, the location has yet to be determined.

Trump does not believe anything about global warming

Woman carving Trumps face in snow

When it comes to climate change, Trump is a seasoned skeptic. He calls it a lie. Several times he suggested that cold weather is the proof that climate change is not happening. "There are snowstorms and temperatures that will break records in the US. Clever of the climate-liars to exchange the term global warming for climate change, Trump tweeted in the past.
Trump appointed several staff members with the same vision on climate change after his inauguration. One is the controversial Scott Pruitt, from the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt indicated earlier that he thinks that humanity contributes to global warming, but to a limited extent. He also said that higher temperatures are not only negative.

By: Metro