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Vietnam: Enhancing the sustainability of urban areas to against the impacts of #climatechange
Climate Climate Natural

On September 6, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering in collaboration with the Embassy of Belgium in Vietnam held a workshop "Knowledge Network for Development of Sustainable areas in Vietnam".

The workshop focuses on urban development under the influence of climate change and focuses on: Risk mitigation by floods - the role of urban greening andhousing requirements. It relates to adaptation to climate and the ability to meet the water demand, urban planning, landscape architecture and sustainable energy.

Ms. Jehanne Roccas, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Vietnam, said that Vietnam is a country more affected by climate change than other countries, and its changes on environment are also affected by urban construction process. We can not just think about urban construction but should pay attention to the consequences of this construction for timely response.

Ms. Jehanne Roccas said that the project "Knowledge network for development of sustainable housing in Vietnam" affirmed the cooperation between Belgium and Vietnam in the exchange of experience on networking between urban regions to find solutions to address the problems caused by climate change.

The goal of the network is to enhance the sustainability in urban development towards the manner of integration for vulnerable areas by floods and droughts through an interdisciplinary approach. The network aims to connect experts of Belgium and Vietnam in the fields of architecture, construction, urban planning, sustainable energy, landscape architecture, social sciences, and hydrology.

On the other hand, the network is expected to support the construction of sustainably residential areas in Vietnam. Experiences in building the knowledge network on development of Flanders area have been shared.