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E-Waste Arcades make recycling fun!
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E-waste Arcades is committed to promoting reuse of raw materials and creating awareness about electronic waste. By making recycle fun and easy, we want to bridge the gap between the consumer and the recycler. Have you ever wondered how many electronic products we use every day? Have you ever wondered where all the raw materials of these products come from? Or have you ever imagined what happens to our devices when they are discarded? Everyone knows, you've got some old electronics around. An old phone, broken dvd player or an alarm clock for example. Nevertheless, it's repeatedly eliminating these electronic devices, also called e-waste. It will be stored in the attic or end up with the residual waste. What a shame! This way all raw materials are lost or can not be used for reuse. And that while threatening important commodities with extinction! In Europe, only a third of the electronic waste is recycled. That should be better and could be better! We want to make a difference by making recycling more fun and easier while increasing consumer awareness. This means that valuable raw materials can be reused and we being kind to the environment!

e-waste arcade

The Funky Phone is an old-school arcade machine that rewards you for recycling your old mobile phone. Instead of a coin, throw a waste phone to play at any of these E-waste Arcades! Your recycle effort is rewarded with cool games while also contributing to the environment. The arcade shows the impact that makes your small contribution to human and nature. On top of that, the Funky Phone E-waste Arcades have been built of waste electronics and durable wood. In the machines, an old computer and monitor are used. Also the old washing machine in the design shows you how to reuse electronics. The E-waste Arcades are a great example project for a circular economy, an economy in which raw materials are recycled or recycled instead of discarded.
CONTRIBUTE! Another old mobile in your drawer?! Let's recycle it! Bring your old phone to the Funky Phone, play cool games and contribute to a better environment! Recycling has never been so fun!