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#WhatsOrb is so much nicer with you!
#WhatsOrb is so much nicer with you!
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Dear All,

On the 25th of September 2016 The WhatsOrb Global Sustainability Platform went live. A week later we had almost 5.000 users out of 116 countries. Our top visitors came from: South Africa, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

We are very pround that in such a short time so many people visited the WhatsOrb Platform. Thanks for this.

Of course we like you to invite to start uploading content. Just your ideas of how we can solve the huge amount of environmental problems we face today. We - at WhatsOrb - are convinced that especially the solutions are to find in small scale ideas which are affordable for many and easy to implement.

Upload your own and local efforts how certain environmental issues are approached.

We are also looking forward to small organisations who developed already certain sustainable products and services and who want to show these to their community, the country or the rest of the world.  Maybe another visitor on the WhatsOrb platform reads about it and contacts you for a sale or cooperation.

WhatsOrb likes to bring you all together; individuals, profit, non-profit, universities, research and governments to share your sustainable solutions, products, services and ideas . At the end only shared knowledge globally will bring the innovations which are so desperate needed.

WhatsOrb is so much nicer with you.

Start uploading, sharing and improving the world! Your upload counts!

The WhatsOrb Team