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What makes #sustainability a global success?
What makes #sustainability a global success?
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WhatsOrb, the no-nonsense sustainable global website is running well after its Beta launch. Since the day we launched in September of this year, we have welcomed around 26.000 people who have shown interest in improving our world. Great! Thanks to all of you!

From our interviews and talks with interested people we understood that people are looking for a sustainable platform which is also sustainable if it’s about its ‘own’ intentions. There seems to be a fatigue among people who have been using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. After years of publications about these social websites a ‘feeling’ has started to grow with some of its more ‘critical’ users that they are actually ‘sponsoring’ a corporate organisation where only a few benefit. Also negative news about security issues, privacy concerns, misuse of algorithms, censorship, ownership of content and selling users profiles and search behaviour within the sites makes its users insecure.
Drawn earth with solar panels, windmils, houses and mountains against a dark blue background with clouds. WhatsOrb
WhatsOrb has no intention to be involved or execute any of the above mentioned issues. We like to be an open-source global sustainability platform where people and organisations freely and safely can share and upload their content.
Because of this, we like to invite you to upload your sustainability ideas and solutions so others can read, improve and share innovations, in order to improve and speed up global sustainability developments.

We also are very curious about your experience at WhatsOrb so far. Even - or maybe especially - if you have not uploaded anything yet on our platform after you signed up, we would love to hear from you! With your feedback we can improve our site. So fire away! If you have a minute, we would very much appreciate it if you would answer the following questions:

- What brought you to WhatsOrb (what made you sign up)?
- How can we help you make the most out of your experience at WhatsOrb?
- What can we improve to help you to reach your goals?

WhatsOrb flyer partly white and blue with white and green text

So please let us know what you think and shoot us an email at or register and start uploading your ideas.

Thanks and keep up the good work!